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Transbusiness-Å was established in 1990 as a unit within the International Centre for Applied Management Research Ltd. Its main activity was training for managers. It is one of the first business schools opened in the country. The School organized and successfully conducted the first courses in topics such as entrepreneurship, business management in market economy, starting a business, human resource management, theatre management, doing business in Bulgaria for foreigners, etc.

Transbusiness-Å has been an independent legal entity since 1993. Between 1993 and 1998 it set up a nation-wide network for small-business management training for secondary-school students. The two-year programme was realized in five branches of the School located in Sofia, Rousse, Plovdiv, Pazardjik and Haskovo. Parallel to this, the School conducted short-term intensive trainings for management teams and actively provided consultancy services for the establishment of systems for human resource management and development.

Since 1996 the School has been official representative of Bulgaria in the International Network on Comparative Human Resource Management Cranet-Å (

In 1997, in cooperation with the Business Week newspaper, Transbusiness-Å organized an international conference on Human Resource Management. The topic of the conference was “Strategic Human Resource Management in Bulgaria in the Period of Transition to Market Economy".

In 2000 the School hosted the meeting of the International Network on Comparative Human Resource Management Cranet-Å. During the same year it organised the international HRM conference "Human Resource Management – a Key Factor for European Integration". This conference was attended by more than 150 scholars and practitioners from 25 countries. At this particular event the establishment of the Bulgarian Human Resource and Management and Development Association (BHRMDA) was announced.

Transbusiness-Å periodically conducts the largest sociological survey in Bulgaria focusing on the Human Resource Management of the Bulgarian organizations employing more than 200 people. The survey was conducted four times – in 1996, 1999, 2003 and 2008. The accumulated database contains data from all surveys.

Since 1996 Transbusiness-Å has maintained the database from the comparative surveys of HRM in Bulgarian and European organisations.

In 2006 the organisation joined the National Network of Virtual Libraries and was the first one in the country launching online training in the field of Human Resources Management and Development.

Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, Ministry of Energy, leading IT companies, electrical power producing companies, banks and commercial organizations are amongst Transbusiness’s strategic clients.

Currently the activity of the International Business School Transbusiness-E is focused on intensive short term training courses for managerial teams and virtual training for all categories of personnel, involved in HRM activity. The school main strategy is development and constant improvement of the Lifelong Learning Concept in the fields of Human Resource Management, Strategic management, Fundamentals of Management and Organizational Behaviour.

The owner and president of the school is prof. Elizabeta Vatchkova, PhD in Economics.

Elizabeth Vatchkova

PhD in Economics, Professor of HRM at LTU and International University – Sofia

Organizer and sponsor of the longitudinal socio-logical survey on Human Resource Management in Bulgaria ( 1996, 1999, 2003 )

Representative of Bulgaria in CRANET

Founding member and former Vice President (2000–2003) of the Bulgarian Human Resource Management and Development Association (BHRMDA).

In 2007 she was awarded the Special award for promoting and development of human resource management by BHRMDA.

Co-founder of the National Association of Women in Business

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